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What is fractional ownership?
Fractional ownership is a relatively new concept, which started in the early 90's in the US. It is best defined as joint ownership of a managed luxury asset, usually one with a high monetary value, where the cost of acquisition, maintenance and usage is shared according to a structured agreement. The asset is then managed on behalf of the investor owners.

Unlike timeshare and vacation clubs, fractional ownership allows the investor to actually own a share in an asset. As the value of the asset increases, so does the value of the share. The share can be sold, rented and bequeathed. And unlike a vacation home that sits unused for months at a time, fractional ownership allows you to purchase only what you intend to use.

What are the key points of fractional ownership at Beach Republic?
• Tremendous savings over nightly rates
• Diversification of investment
• Low operating costs
• Low acquisition costs
• Asset based product - Owner shares in appreciation of property
• Privileged access to Beach Club and facilities
• Opportunity to generate extra income by renting out your unit
• Worry free living - full managed and maintained by Beach Republic

How is fractional ownership different from timeshare?
A great option for some, timeshare is a membership program that offers savings by way of prepaying for a holiday - usually over a period of 20 to 25 years. Fractional ownership differs enormously in that it involves the actual acquisition of an asset that can be sold or rented at your discretion. Further, unlike timeshare, fractional ownership allows you to acquire a deeded fractional interest in a property worth many times the actual cost of your fractional share. You receive an undivided, fractional interest as a tenant-in-common with the other purchasers. As the value of the asset increases, so does the value of your share.

How does fractional ownership compare to sole ownership?
Unlike whole ownership, where owning a vacation property can often become more of a burden than a pleasure, fractional ownership allows you to focus on enjoying your vacation time, resting assured that your home will always be secure, clean, professionally maintained and ready for your year-round use.

Financially speaking, fractional ownership allows for a far higher standard of living, without worrying about security, upkeep, property taxes, cleaning and other hassles associated with whole ownership. Just like whole ownership, you can rent out your unit to make extra money, sell it to a third party or pass it on to your children.

What fractions are for sale at Beach Republic?
Fractions are 14 nights each, which is equivalent to a 1/26th share in each Residence. Many of our owners have purchased multiple fractions.

How does the use plan work?
All fractions at Beach Republic are sold on a fixed time basis. If an owner purchases the January fraction in the penthouse for example, no other owner will ever occupy the penthouse in the month of January. This offers numerous advantages over other systems where an owner's right of use rotates and one year he may be staying in his penthouse in January, only to find that the next year, he cannot check in until February. The fixed time plane is the most representative of whole ownership.

Can unaccompanied guests stay in my unit?
Yes! There are no restrictions on who may stay in your unit.

Can a fraction at Beach Republic be re-sold?
Yes! Just like whole ownership, a fraction at Beach Republic is an asset that can be freely traded subject to the terms of the Purchase Agreement and Management Agreement.

Do owners pay annual maintenance fees?
Owners pay a management fee each year. This fee is comprehensive and completely transparent. It covers only actual management costs (electric, water, maid service, insurance, maintenance etc.) associated with the running of the units

What does fractional ownership at Beach Republic cost?
Ownership at Beach Republic starts for as little as US$17,000.

For more information about fractional ownership at Beach Republic please contact us.


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